Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sustenance – A Tribute to my Mother MARY APPOLINE

(APPOLINE is my VISION, stands for “Add People Profile Overall Life Improvement & Nurture Empowerment”)

Precious sustenance received from Mom forever to cherish,
Patience nurture, you bare me delivered my head strong,
Pain you cried but I never cried while I was born,
Vessel covered me with noise to make me to voice,
A vintage performance in a remote village vickramasingapuram,
I crossed the stormy Arabian  sea, my wandering in the desert to build my career,
Tossed and battered in the frothy eddy of turmoil,
Aching limbs and stretched sinew a frame well worn,
Reduced by constant endeavor in an unending toil,
Rejuvenated by seeing your name on the white hankie  while I cried,
As the storm clouds break in the dark and dreary night,
Sirius, the lone star, shines bright with ominous lore,
Sure hope you assured from Dubai to Kuwait,
You nurtured five lovely seeds,
You are a guiding star,
You are my shining hope to reach the comforting shore,
We Keep On Loving You…
Forever and Forever!

For 12 years you have graced my life and now God wants you standing at his side.
We never know how long forever is for, until we walk towards that door.
You've taught us now that life is never guaranteed, and we will try to go on with only love in our hearts…
So before we go to bed each night we'll count our blessings and pray.
Shine your light down on us and help us find the strength to live on.
We know tomorrow comes, but without you it's hard.
We'll keep on marching to the beat of your drum.
Please watch out for us, as we keep on loving you.
We know you're here, your touch is all around and when I close my eyes and squeeze them real tight I see you as an angel in my mind …
Your love, your kindness and your beautiful spirit is once in a lifetime to find and we will love you forever and ever!
I follow your incorruptible path stationed far above,
To the very land where awaits my joy and eternal love.